His Book: Dirk Frimout op zoek naar de blauwe planeet

23 march 1992, he leaves for nine days, accompanied by six American astronauts, on a mission in space on board of the spaceship Atlantis.
ATLAS-1 was the first from a serie of ten missions, launched by NASA to establish an inventory of the atmospheric components and to study the Solar Terrestrial changes on which Life depends.
One and a half year later, the Viscount Frimout narrates. His book reports with precision his contribution to the mission, the scientific conducted experiences and their conclusions in the late twentieth century.
He also takes a look at the human environment and affectivity of the mission: the connection between the astronauts, the role of their wives and families both during the preparation of the flight as during the flight itself. Except for the mission, the book outlines a description of NASA, the steps of selecting and preparing astronauts and human and technological aspects of the flight.
Passing on his passion, his trust in science, his love for our Earth, his blue planet, which he encourages us to learn more about using space research, these are the main lines of this invitation to travel along with Dirk Frimout.

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